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Dr. Qingchuan Chen Recognized as Outstanding Reviewer by Journal of Chromatography A

Ash Stevens Senior Analytical Chemist Dr. Qingchuan Chen has been named Outstanding Reviewer by Journal of Chromatography A for July 2015 after ranking within the top 10th percentile of manuscript reviews completed for the publication within the last two years. Qingchuan Chen

Since 2005, Dr. Chen has reviewed numerous original research papers for the Journal of Chromatography A, among other scientific journals.

“Reviewing papers for prestigious scientific journals provides me a platform to openly exchange scientific opinions with editors, authors, and other reviewers on a wide range of subjects,” said Dr. Chen. “This not only benefits my work with Ash Stevens, but affords me the opportunity to make a real contribution to the scientific community.”

The Journal of Chromatography A awards reviewer status each month, based on the number of manuscript reviews conducted per journal. To achieve Outstanding Reviewer status, researchers must complete a minimum of 10 reviews within two consecutive years.